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PSPs are facing several challenges: managing and securing the payments of thousands of clients regardless of the transaction channel, both nationally and internationally. Providing services for merchants as well as for marketplaces, adding bespoke payment methods to offer customers an optimal Omni-channel purchasing pathway…

Limonetik boosts your local and international offer with an on demand Full Service solution and a portfolio of more than 85 international payment methods which can be updated to include your new requirements at unprecedented speed.

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Avoid losing customers at the payment stage because they don’t find the desired payment method. Find the payment solution agile enough to meet your particular requirements, as a merchant or a marketplace.

As an expert in payment orchestration and connection of relevant and innovative payment methods, Limonetik brings in a ready-to-use and flexible payment solution for Merchants & Marketplaces.

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To develop their Business, whatever their industry, merchants need to increase the conversion rate by offering an updated customer experience and a larger choice of payment scenarios. They have to galvanize their sales by easily managing targeted marketing campaigns or by encouraging impulse buying thanks to easy payment for example.

Limonetik accelerates and simplifies the acceptance of new payment methods while reducing the impact on professional organisation, enriches the customer experience by delivering customized payment pages, offers you a powerful tool to easily create sales stimulation campaigns, and so on!

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Specific requirements and issues affecting the Airlines & Travel sector cannot be underestimated. Limonetik gives you flexibility to design your ecommerce site and payment pages so that they meet the needs of your customers and help you reach your objectives and grow your business. Limonetik also supports you with the difficult task of financial reconciliation to include complex cashflows from several payment methods.

Limonetik is the solution for all players in the Airlines & Travel segment!

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